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Depending on these conditions in the participant countries, the corresponding value of foreign currency will increase or decrease. There are several economic and political factors that affect the currency conversion rates. The rates are continually changing and you have to carefully follow the changes to make profit. The value of US dollar or practically any currency will not remain the same next day.

The currency conversion rates change everyday. The buying and selling of currencies greatly depend on the future value of the currency. The market highly depends on the currency conversion rates. On the whole the market of foreign currency exchange is open all the time on all 5 weak days. The countries will open and close the currency exchange market with different time zones.

The results of currency conversion trading happening in one country will affect the other countries in the market. The participants of currency conversion indulge in trading and buy a foreign currency expecting the currency to have more value in the future. The industry runs purely on speculation. In this trading, you buy a currency using a foreign currency of another type.

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