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The New Cagiva Mito 2010

In addition to speed, they also had depth, covering parts of the sport that the Their 4x per month print schedule let them get coverage out there much more quickly than any other publication, revolutionary at the time but now completely taken for granted in the internet age. CN was published as a weekly, with a heavy focus on race results, including excellent regional coverage. Of course no business is immune from change, but the thought of Cycle News going away was unimaginable. Even in this age of endless business failures, this was like a gut punch.

Yesterday, we received the stunning news that after 48 years in print, the motorcycle journalism institution, Cycle News, was closing down and ceasing publication. Unfortunately today is one of those days. Every once in a while, something occurs that makes us take off our business hat and just be a rider. We love most everything relating to motorcycles, and are deeply immersed in moto history and culture.

Atomic Moto's post: Our job is to sell gear, but The BOMBERS are also hardcore enthusiasts of the sport and industry. As a kid your world is small and my world consisted of motocross, period. Growing in the 70′s and 80′s racing motocross all over Southern California from Indian Dunes to Saddleback, Arroyo Park to the Golden State Series I had become reliant on every weekly issue to see who won what and if I was in it this week.  This was just in from our friends at Atomic Moto and I couldn't believe my ears.

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