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Suzuki Hayabusa Color Blak 2011

If you The ferocious nature of this motorcycle is something that should be respected, or it will bite! If you plan to go out and purchase this bike, you need to be extremely careful, this bike is nasty-fast, and if you're not careful, this motorcycle will throw you like a bucking bronco. A caution to new riders. Suzuki gets the last laugh after producing the fastest production motorcycle on the planet!

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, and the opinion of the owners of this bad-boy could not care less! It has a long sleek design that some critics stated that it went against the grain of standard design. The critics viewed the styling as offensive, calling the design too aerodynamic, and even goofy looking. The Hayabusa first hit the showroom floor in 1999 to raves and criticism.

This ride is stunning at 110 foot-pounds of torque and will run through the 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds! New titanium valves, a refined fuel injection, and chrome-moly connecting rods take this bike to a new level of performance. Compression on this beast is now 12.5 to 1, up from 11 to 1 helping to add a 12 percent gain in power. The previous version had a displacement of 1299cc, the 2011model now boasts 1340cc.

Now Suzuki claims to stand alone at the top as the fastest motorcycle in production today. The Hayabusa, along with the Kawasaki ZX-14, have been regarded as the fastest production motorcycles in the world.  The nasty-fast 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa just got badder!

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