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They continued to want me to cold call over and over again which with the turn of the down economy beginning for With a company using such a power sales management tool as, it really surprised me how much they did not use the power it offered to re-market to the sales leads we came in contact with by cold calling. The inside sales channel used and was one of the top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sites on Google.

During this grueling two year period, I developed myself to be one of the top 10 inside sales representatives; however, after about ten months, I reached my peak potential because the tools available at this online advertising company were very limited and I came to realize that the Return On Investment (ROI) that I was selling to my customers was VERY POOR. It was challenging because I had never worked in an inside sales capacity before, and it was rewarding because it allowed me for the first time ever to have an uncapped earning potential.

It was challenging and reward all at the same time. I worked for a company that marketed small businesses and restaurants on the major search engines for approximately two years, and at the beginning, I actually outright loved this job. I must share this story with you. For the longest, I have been intrigued by the fact that marketing in the "online world" is so immediate and trackable.  I consider my strongest asset to be the fact that I emphatically love online business development.

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