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2010 honda cbr1000rr pics

2010 honda cbr1000rr image
2010 honda cbr1000rr speedometer
2010 honda cbr1000rr bike in red
new 2010 honda cbr1000rr
2010 honda cbr1000rr wallpaper

Certainly there are aspects of this job that one can take for granted i.e. getting to ride all the latest and greatest powersports equipment. And with the constant and never ending flow of new motorcycles, it becomes difficult to remember each and every bike's individual attributes. This afternoon, I took a spin aboard the 2009 Honda CBR1000RR, recipient of our Sportbike of the Year award, and all I can say is WOW!

Recently, having ridden a variety of other less-performance oriented street bikes, I forgot just how awesome of a machine Honda’s superbike is. It’s simply amazing the amount of performance Honda has laced this bike with. Perhaps even better, is that this performance doesn’t come at the cost of day-to-day road worthiness.

The engine’s powerband is smooth and easy to manipulate, as is its light-action clutch and faultless transmission. Feel like just cruising? Then keep the rpms below 6000 and short-shift through each of its six gears. Feel like letting er’ rip? Pin the throttle and excess revs expose its fat mid-range, which scoots you forward like nothing else this side of a catapult. Plus, the engine offers minimal vibration throughout its 13,300 rev range while remaining as quiet as Grandma’s sewing machine.

Equally as exciting are its braking capabilities which make the act of stopping arguably as entertaining as accelerating. Like the engine, its Showa suspension bits are adaptable and can be set-up to deliver a forgiving ride on the street or a taunt, racy experience around the track. Lastly, the rider compartment is about as tolerant as sportbikes come.

If you’re in the market for a high-performance street bike that you can rip around on the weekends then commute on during the week, you won't find anything better than Honda’s $12,999 CBR1000RR.

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