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2010 yamaha vmax pics

2010 yamaha vmax image
2010 yamaha vmax photo
2010 yamaha vmax bike
2010 yamaha vmax picture
2010 yamaha vmax wallpaper

If there are three people in this world whom we envy right now, it’s Dirck Edge and Jeff Whitmer at Motorcycle Daily, and Adam Waheed at Motorcycle USA. And that’s because these three seem to be the first people who’ve ridden the 2009 Yamaha V-Max, a bike we're in love with... Here are some excerpts from what the three have to say about The Max:

Starting with MD’s Dirck Edge and Jeff Whitmer, ‘As you finish your first ride on the new V-Max, only one impression remains. Power. Massive Power. Power you never expected to experience on a street-legal motorcycle. We've ridden them all. The ZX-14. The Vulcan 2000 with its 2,053 cc v-twin. The Hayabusa. And the Honda Rune with its 1,832 cc flat-six fed by a half-dozen throttle bodies. Nothing leaves a stop light like the new V-Max.’

'The V-Max is laying down more than 100 pound-feet of torque at the rear tyre before inline-fours like the ZX-14 and Hayabusa have finished clearing their throats. Here is a tip from MD to all new V-Max riders. The first time you twist the throttle hard, make sure (a) the bike is fully upright and pointing straight ahead, (b) you have a warm rear tyre, and (c) there is plenty of room between you and the next vehicle. Oh, and one other thing . . . hold on tight!'

‘Assuming your rear tyre is ready to grip (rolling burnouts are easy to do, and no clutch is required), the V-Max will quickly warp your sense of time and distance. Fortunately, the brakes are superb. Few sport bikes deliver the power and feel offered by the brakes on the new V-Max. They are outstanding, and probably better than anything available outside the sportsbike category.’And then, here's what MCUSA’s Adam Waheed has to say about the bike. ‘It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. That is, unless you have a cool nickname emblazoned on your helmet and collect a paycheck flying for the US Air Force. That's right. The new V-Max ups the ante on everything short of a fighter jet. Even a million dollar-plus Bugatti Veyron supercar might fall short in a quarter-mile drag race, the V-Max is that fast!’

'Right off the bottom, the V-Max’s engine feels similar to that of a v-twin. So much torque is doled out down right off idle that almost no throttle needs to be given to launch from a stop. Similar to other big-bore cruisers, if you keep the revs below 4K, the engine is pretty mellow.'

'However, that v-twin association ends as soon as the tachometer needle flirts above that magic 4K-number. After that, the engine gains momentum with shocking voracity, akin to any modern litre-class bike! I'm not joking… there's so much power on tap that in the first and second gears, you can literally lay down fat rubber streaks from the 200-series Bridgestone tyre anywhere, anytime. If you don't think that's cool-then maybe you should pick up a different hobby.'

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