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2011 BMW S 1000 RR Gets Two New Colors

But it's a little. ABS welterweight and, wants, red Technology wise, the performance of sheets at a later date (if any) to identify changes, BMW, and remains unchanged for now. [Metals in light gray S 1000 RR] click to enlarge Light gray metal S 1000 RR Because this is the first appearance of the motorcycle to attract customers, BMW was refreshing range of paint schemes in a number of other models: F800 from ST: Sapphire black metallic with a light metal / black sapphire metallic gray / Guranittometarikkugure Studies. F800: / satin silver metallic sheen, black / white satin gloss black granite and alpine, metallic blue Lupin, magma red bright yellow metal. K1300 from S: Magma Red / III  / alpine white,  black sapphire metallic. K1300 date: acid green metallic / shiny black satin luster satin black, gray metallic luster Mikageishi According to the German manufacturer, gray and dark green, almost disappearing in 2011. Yellow and light gray metal sun: / red / white and blue race will continue, no manufacturer added two new options.

It is, F 650 GS, F 800 F 800 ST and GS models, as in the past year, BMW, is that it offers the S 1000 RR Superbike a new look. These changes, two wheel drive vehicles, or more attractive to consumers, at least it was designed for BMW , as expected.  Motorrad BMW, a German manufacturer of motorcycle unit will focus primarily on current aesthetic changes, has attracted a number of amendments to its 2011 lineup.

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