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Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade 2010

The stiff It's one hell of a competent sportbike, after all that's it's one purpose in life. Once you reach you're favorite backroad however, the bike comes alive as you twist the throttle and pitch it into corner after corner. On the highway, you'll find the bike competent yet stiffly suspended. Surprisingly, the bike is civil, quiet, and easy to ride around town.

Once you're accustomed, however, you'll find the bike is fun to ride just about anywhere you travel. Once on the street, you'll find the bike takes a bit of getting used to. And when you place your feet on the pegs, you can't help but notice the exceptionally wide fuel tank that bows your legs to an unnatural position. The first thing you'll notice after throwing a leg over the CBR is that you set down into the bike, not on top.

The bike feels low and compact, just what you'd want in a serious sportbike. (click here for complete details) We wanted to know what these changes meant for the sport rider who would purchase the bike for everyday use on the street and this was the focus of our test. For 1998 the CBR900RR received an extensive number of refinements and changes to keep it on top of it's game and ahead of the competition. We had to find what was going on for ourselves. The bike that had retained the open class sportbike crown for years was now being reported as a runner up, second fiddle, unimpressive at best. The reports were disturbing.

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