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Cagiva mito SP525 Spec, Cagiva Mito SP525, Cagiva Mito Spec, Cagiva Mito Specs 2011

Cagiva Mito SP525 2011
When visiting Malaysia, the rumors seem to have the two stroke motorcycle deaths are greatly exaggerated. Granted, 125cc two stroke motorcycle is hardly thriving, but the Cagiva Mito SP525 mean Gray smoke motorcycles are not extinct yet. Before you get too excited, 525 misleading name does not refer to its engine capacity, it is 125cc, using a sensitive and cleaned's version of the liquid cooled single is a Cagiva Mito, as it introduced 20 years ago. Since then, exhaust emission legislation has repeatedly slammed the door in two stroke engines. But the Cagiva the door opened again, using new technology to continue Cagiva Mito heritage.

As well as two catalytic converters and a smart ECU brain, the Cagiva engine has a new Dell'Orto designed "electronic Carburation System 'keeping the air / fuel / oil mixture as efficiently as possible. And it all works. When you eventually start Cagiva Mito SP525 having taken the tank off to establish the position of the unlabeled choke switch, then pulling your hair out because you did not know how the kill switch works, sure it idles and pulls flawlessly and clean. When we last rode a 125cc two stroke it coughed, stuttered and spluttered their way throughout the rev counter, but this Cagiva Mito SP525 is as smooth as silk and strong right up to 10.000 rpm.

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