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The S1000RR - BMW Motorcycles

With major motorcycle markets such as the US suffering significant declines in sales in 2009, manufacturers will be looking to the post recession era with an eagerness to push boundaries while all parts of the industry, from accessories to bike insurance, will want to appeal to new potential customers. BMW will arguably be in a fantastic position to make the most of any positive trends in the industry, especially after acknowledging the manufacturer's comparably good performance (dropping only 22 percent, when the entire market fell by 41 percent) in the US over the last year.

The hotly anticipated S1000RR looks set to push boundaries and to really adopt the position of market front runner. Since its launch in 2008, 1,000 production models were made in the following year with the bike being taken to impressive success in the Superbike World Championship by Troy Corser in the Czech Republic and Ruben Xaus in Italy respectively.

2010, however, sees the first of the S1000RR to hit the dealerships - a development in the company that even the project leader, Stefan Zeit, hadn't anticipated when he suggested a BMW sport bike when he first took up the job and was subsequently assured that BMW would never produce one. The fact that the model looks to be the most powerful 1000cc bike on the market has got more than a few heads turned - and a few deposits already laid down too.

So what else does the S1000RR have to offer? Aside from being incredibly powerful, the model also boasts the best power-to-weight ratio available at 183 kg (400 lb) dry and 204 kg (450 lb) wet. There are also many electronic perks such as a ride-by-wire throttle and variable-length intake tracts - as well as optional extras including ABS and traction control. The model has also been noted for its digitally selected sport modes, rain, sport (up to 190 break horsepower), race and slick (for taking onto the track).

Adjustable suspension and ride height also makes each bike easily changeable for each individual rider - and its simplicity is commendable. The model has already entered into the market in high regard, and it seems unlikely that this bike will not remain at the top for some time.

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