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AUSTRALIA - Bikie gangs not welcome...

THERE are disturbing signs that a "turf war" is about to erupt in Darwin between rival bikie gxxgs. Unfortunately, the Hells Angels are entrenched in the city after putting paid to the mild-manned Blonks a couple of decades ago.
But, apparently, the Rebels are trying to muscle in from down south.
Members of the Rebels have been seen riding on the Stuart Highway in their "colours", which is seen as provocation in the tribalistic and criminal world of outlaw gxxgs. Let's not mince words - bikies are violent gangsters who make their "living" from such unsavoury pastimes as manufacturing drugs.
They are not welcome in our community.
There has been no violence yet, but police commissioner John McRoberts has acted with commendable firmness and swiftness by setting up a special strike force to deal with the threat.
The force will carry out surveillance on both motorbike gxxgs.
Law-abiding business people and property owners should have nothing to do with the bikies.
The Rebels do not yet have a clubhouse in the Top End - and, hopefully, they never well.
As Mr McRoberts says: "Property owners, I urge you, don't lease premises to bikies.
"If it is a factory unit or a tin shed out in the back blocks, don't lease it to them. They are not establishing legitimate businesses."
The clubhouse would be used to co-ordinate drug operations and other criminal activity.

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