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AUSTRALIA - Shootings linked to turf war between rival gxxgs of thugs


SCAREMONGERING between rival bikie gxxgs is thought to be behind a spate of drive-by shootings in Sydney.
A couple and their two young children escaped injury when their home in Granville was shot at several times and a woman in the same suburb was treated for shock after her home was hit moments later.

Five houses - in Granville, Holroyd, Canley Heights and Old Guildford - were sprayed with bullets just hours apart on Saturday night and early yesterday. No one was injured.

Police sources said the shootings were thought to be linked to a feud between members of the Hells Angels and Nomads bikie gxxgs.

"That is the strongest line of inquiry we have so far," the police source said.

Head of the Middle Eastern organised crime squad Superintendent Deb Wallace warned somebody will be seriously injured or killed if the brazen shootings do not cease.

A strike force was set up to investigate the shootings, and another drive-by at Merrylands on Thursday night.

But Supt Wallace said the process was being hampered by some of the victims' unwillingness to cooperate.

"We are frustrated by the lack of help we have been getting so far. There is no doubt some of the people know more then they are letting on," Supt Wallace said.

Supt Wallace said the shootings appeared to be targeted attacks.

Supt Wallace said patrols of Sydney's south-west will be increased in case of reprisals.

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