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Australian bikxxs Hells Angels and Bandidos club members own nightspots in Thailand tourist centres

Local Hells Angels and Bandidos club members own nightspots in Thailand tourist centres that have become popular haunts for bikies worldwide.

Not to be outdone, members of the notorious Gold Coast chapter of the Finks are trying to follow in their footsteps with their own Thai beachhead, according to police.

Members of the Bandidos - who acquired four new chapters in Indonesia during "Bandidos Bali Bike Week" earlier this year - are looking to set up business as far afield as Japan, a Queensland police source told The Courier-Mail.

Thailand was significant as a source of chemicals for drug manufacture and trafficking and scrutiny of Gold Coast bikies' travel would show "a lot of trips" to the country, the officer said.

"A lot of them are looking into Thailand - it gives them the opportunity to source pharmaceuticals. Hells Angels and Bandidos have got premises in Thailand.

"Of course, the Finks can't be left behind and they're looking too.

"Nationally, the Bandidos are looking to get into Japan. They're already in Asia."

The Other Place, a Hells Angels-affiliated bar in the Thai beachside town of Patong in Phuket, was opened last December by two Brisbane "brothers".

One of the owners is former Gold Coast resident Glen Matthew Norris, 36, a one-time business partner of Hells Angels Brisbane president Mark Nelms.

The Other Place has become popular with bikies worldwide. The venue's Facebook friends include Hells Angels Brisbane treasurer Terrence John McCormick and a Norwegian Hells Angel photographed in a fantasy pose with a World War I era machine gun.

The Bandidos have also been linked to the Billabong Bar on the Thai Island of Koh Samui, an Australian themed-venue that features pole dancing shows.

In 2006, its owner, Peter Watkin Jones, 47, an alleged Bandido with Brisbane business links, who also ran a bungee jump business in Thailand, was arrested by Thai police investigating a corrupt property scheme worth $66 million.

His associates included Danish and British Bandidos who were charged with extortion and bribery over an alleged scam in which foreigners were sold sham deeds to government-owned land.

It is understood proceedings against all men were later dropped.

Jones' partner in the bungee firm, Crispin Paton-Smith, is president of the Bandidos' Phuket chapter.

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