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CALIFORNIA - Driver charged with murdering Hells Angel biker

BY: Henry K. Lee
Eddie Hall, an East Bay Paratransit van driver suspected of intentionally running over a motorcyclist on Interstate 580 in San Leandro on Oct. 22, 2011.

SAN LEANDRO -- The driver of a paratransit van has been charged with murder for allegedly intentionally swerving into the path of a group of Hells Angels motorcycle club members on Interstate 580 in San Leandro, killing a biker in what the defendant said was the result of road rage.
Eddie Hall, 31, of Oakland is charged with murder and felony hit-and-run in the weekend crash that killed George Lopez Jr., 51, of Stockton.
Lopez was riding his motorcycle east on I-580 near Grand Avenue with members of the Hells Angels when an East Bay Paratransit van driven by Hall swerved into their lane about 4 p.m. Saturday, authorities said.
Hall intended to hit the group, according to Alameda County prosecutors.
"Hall claimed he was upset at the time because of the driving behavior of others and the behavior of the motorcyclists," San Leandro police Detective Anthony Morgan wrote in court documents outlining the grounds for Hall's arrest. "Hall admitted to knowing the motorcycles were in the lane he intentionally swerved into and to knowing his actions would cause his bus to strike the motorcycle."
A witness told police that "it appeared Hall aggressively pulled the steering wheel to the left and collided with the motorcyclist," Morgan wrote.
The van was not carrying any passengers.
Lopez was knocked from his bike and fell into the path of the van, which ran him over. Hall continued driving, with the motorcycle still wedged underneath the van, for more than a mile. The motorcycle burst into flames before Hall pulled to the side of the freeway near 150th Avenue and ran away, authorities said. He was arrested by a sheriff's deputy.
Hall was also charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill motorcyclist Ozzie Jesus Jose and enhancements for using the van as a deadly weapon in the collision. He is being held without bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

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