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CalVet Womens Survey

I do realize that I sent this to people that are not effected by this info, but if you know any Women that are Vets please pass this on.
 Please pass to you Women Veterans. This is very important to them and the future services they will receive. Bobby
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 CalVet Women Veterans Survey

 Aimed at Improving Services to the Women Who Served Our Nation

 The California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) in conjunction with the California Commission on the Status of Women and the California Research Bureau (CRB) of the California State Library are currently administering a survey to address the service barriers women veterans face.

  With 30,000 veterans expected to leave military duty and return to California each year, an increasing number of these veterans are women. Women are the fast growing population of the U.S. Armed Forces, making it essential to address their needs and challenges in an attempt to make their transition from military duty to civilian life as effortless as possible.

 “No one knows the experiences, needs and challenges of women veterans better than women veterans themselves,” said Barbara Ward, Deputy Secretary for Women and Minority Veterans. “It is so important to hear directly from women veterans about the barriers, challenges and issues that impact them.”
 If you are a woman veteran, your input and feedback is essential to ensure that your needs and the needs of all women veterans are being addressed properly and efficiently. Click here to take the survey and please pass it on to other women veterans.

  The survey, first administered in 2008, led to the report “California’s Women Veterans: The Challenges and Needs of Those Who Served,” which provided information to CalVet and the California Legislature. The current 2011 survey will be used to assess the progress that has been made and to plan for future women veterans returning to our state.
  The survey can also be taken by visiting
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