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CANADA - Police raid Bacchus clubhouse

SAINT JOHN - Police seized cash and alcohol from the Bacchus motorcycle clubhouse in the city's south end where bikers were believed to be operating an illegal bar.
The Saint John Police Force said Friday the street crime unit executed a search warrant at the Pitt Street clubhouse earlier this week and found the money, booze and "related items."
Sgt. Glen Hayward said charges were pending.
Police aren't releasing the quantity of alcohol seized, but Hayward said "it's fair to say it was a fully stocked bar."
The Telegraph-Journal requested an interview with the Bacchus clubhouse, which has links to the Hells Angels, but nobody responded on Friday.
Police Chief Bill Reid has said the force knows who the Bacchus members are and watches their operation "very closely." He said the club's members are "not just casual bikers."
Despite this, the club has made some contributions to the community, including fundraisers for the Romero House soup kitchen.
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada considers Bacchus an outlaw motorcycle gxxg known to be involved in drug trafficking and moving stolen goods.
Members of the club, whose provincial headquarters is in Osborne Corner, Albert County, wear a one per cent symbol, which is said to indicate they are part of the one per cent of society who are outlaws.
Over the years, there have been reports the Bacchus organization has been growing in Atlantic Canada. The club absorbed the former Charlotte County Mariners in St. George, East Coast Riders of Nova Scotia and Eastons Crew in Newfoundland.

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