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MANY OF YOU KNOW BRENDA FOX:  Please read below:

Hi all, Just letting you all know Brenda procedure at surgery center went well today.
The other Breast Cancer procedures will be much more intense and done at another hospital.
 I believe her auto immune health issues are a concern right now, but at least today's went well and one step at a time we will focus on the good.

On another note, I'm very concern about her not having family or medical insurance and she needs financial help and work. 
Alot of the Breast Cancer procedures are covered, but her immune system is shot (when she dealt with the cancer issue four years ago the trauma of the fiance leaving was overwhelming and she got very sick with auto immune serious health issues). She needs to get some money coming in She needs work she can do from home to get something going to relieve the stress load. 
The stress of day to day living when financially not well is tough, but with the medical I have to reach out  and network. 
We set up a paypal for donations for her, but only one guy donated  : (
Paypal donations accepted at:
Correspondence and mailed donations excepted at Easyriders. 
Flora Gordon  c/o EASYRIDERS  / Paisano Publication  28210 Dorothy Drive. Agoura Hills, CA 91301-2693 
Lori Mills is coordination fundraising plans if you suggestions or ideas. Her email is:
Together we unite and support!
Thank you for your care, support and prayers.
God Bless

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