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GA: Ride a motorcycle? Your health premiums could go up!

Ga. panel weighs changes to health benefit plan

 Associated Press, 10.07.11, 11:00 AM EDT
ATLANTA -- The chairman of a House study committee looking at Georgia's health benefit plan said the state might require employees to disclose dangerous activities like, skydiving and riding motorcycles.
State Rep. Carl Rogers, a Gainesville Republican, said Thursday that the panel is looking to bring down skyrocketing costs in the state health plan. Earlier this year, lawmakers were forced to scramble to fill a $300 million budget hole for the health benefits.
share The study committee is set to present findings to House leaders by Dec. 1.
Lawmakers heard testimony Thursday from experts in preventative care. They said programs which help employees get healthy can save $3 for every $1 spent by the state.
Rogers said state employees who take part in risky activities might eventually pay higher premiums.

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