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LOCAL 6 MEMBERS 2 bills pending

ABATE local 6 members.  These 2 bills are pending.

ASSEMBLY BILL 695  (Author, Norby)
AB 695 modifies the current helmet law to allow
riders the right to choose whether to wear a helmet
or not if they are over 18 and have either
1.)   completed a motorcycle training program (that
complies with section 2932) or  2.)  Have been issued a class M1 license or endorsement, or a comparable license from another jurisdiction, for two years or more. 
(This one should probably be voted on in the beginning of January. )
AB 1047  (Author Jefferies) is a bill that supposedly will end up as a bill prohibiting "Motorcycle Only Checkpoints".  Right at the moment,  it does not contain any wording to that effect.     Supposedly the bill will first be heard in the Assembly on January 9th,  and according to our Lobbyist and Assemblyman Jefferies office, supposedly the wording shown below,  or something like it will be added to the Bill several days before the vote.

This Bill
Assembly Bill 1047
         1. Will prohibit the use of any federal, state or other highway safety funds to be used for selective motorcycle enforcement violations, but instead, to be used for their intended purpose of motorcycle safety training and education and motorist awareness of motorcyclists. 
         2. Will prohibit any law enforcement agency to have a motorcycle "safety" enforcement program that targets and profiles motorcyclists as a "group." This bill will prohibit motorcycle-only stops. 
         3. An additional requirement would be to have any state law enforcement department or agency that chooses to accept grant money from federal sources, California (OTS), cities or counties to use a portion of that money received to compile a certified monthly report, listing the number of motorcycles stopped and cited, and the number of other vehicles stopped, warned or cited to be submitted to the Senate and Assembly Transportation Committee for their assessment of the law enforcement
agencies' compliance with 2. and 3 above.
For More Information on AB 1047
Craig DeLuz, Capitol Director
State Capitol, Rm. 5128
(916) 319-2066
Fax (916) 319-2166

Any time that you need information on a California Bill,  you can check 

For info on federal bills,     check

THOMAS (Library of Congress)
The Library of Congress THOMAS site is the source for federal legislative information. THOMAS provides several options for finding bills, resolutions, and legislative ... - Cached
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