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November 11 ... Honoring a Lifetime of Sacrifice

As talk turns toward withdrawing troops from Iraq, people start to imagine an “end” to today’s wars. Yet for many who fought … the war will never truly be over.
Thankfully, you acknowledge the lasting impact of war each time you support disabled veterans through the DAV.
Today’s conflicts will leave in their wake hundreds of thousands of young men and women who will carry war’s burdens for the rest of their lives.
And when the war ends … that’s when our responsibility truly begins, Philip.
For more than 90 years, the DAV has led the charge to care for our disabled veterans — to meet their needs and remember their sacrifice — in times of war and times of peace.
As Veterans Day approaches, let heroes know that you, too, are in it for the long haul as you show your loyalty through the DAV.
For decades to come, war will continue to take a heavy toll on today’s disabled veterans. Their ranks will grow. Many face wounds that will worsen and consequences yet unknown.
Currently, 80,000 troops have come home with mysterious respiratory problems
Vets with PTSD face increased risk of heart disease and dementia.
Heroes with brain injuries are more prone to chronic depression.
All disabled veterans face uncertain futures. Make a promise to always be there in times of need as you make a special Veterans Day gift of $25 … $50 … $100 or more to DAV now!
Honoring a Lifetime of Sacrifice,

Arthur H. Wilson, National Adjutant
Disabled American Veterans
P.S. Do you or anyone you know need help receiving benefits earned by serving our country?

Since its founding more than 90 years ago, Disabled American Veterans has been dedicated to a single purpose: Building Better Lives for America's Disabled Veterans and Their Families.

P.O. Box 14301 | Cincinnati, OH 45250-0301
Please thank a disabled veteran for their sacrifice and service!

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