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Spokane Co., WA - Hells Angels Member Sentenced

A federal court judge ruled Hells Angels member Ricky Jenks will spend two years in incarceration as well as three years of supervised release, based on the plea agreement he accepted earlier this year.
Considering the seven months he's already served plus good behavior, Jenks will serve just over year and a half behind bars.
Jenks was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm.
He was arrested in the spring after the FBI raided the Hells Angels clubhouse and found multiple firearms. Jenks was not allowed to be near or possess firearms since he had already been convicted of a felony.
The judge also made it explicitly clear that Jenks will have absolutely no association with *any outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Hells Angels members. That means no contact with associates, prospects, recruits, wannabes, hang-arounds or current members. he's not to wear insignia indicating membership in Hells Angels or any other organization. He's also not supposed to associate with any felons.
Jenks' attorney Tracy Collins filed a petition against that part of the judge's ruling citing First Amendment rights to association. The judge said that's normally true except the amendment doesn't apply in the case of a convicted felon.
He also turned to Jenks and said, "I think the best interest of children that we bring into the world should be paramount above associates that we want to be with."
When Jenks addressed the court he thanked the judge for accepting the plea. He explained to
The judge also warned Jenks that he would strictly enforce the conditions of released in case Jenks planned to "cut corners".
More than a dozen supporters were in the courtroom today to support Jenks including Jenks' brand new baby girl. She Weighs just over 6 pounds. Was born 3 weeks early.
Jenks fiancé wore a pink baby carrier with their newborn held tight and their 4-year-old child sitting next to her. Jenks has 3 children altogether.

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