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Switzerland - Hells Angels trial adjourned


The trial of four Hells Angels bikers facing charges including attempted kidnapping and extortion has been adjourned until November 21 because of incomplete evidence.

Around ten Hells Angels were present in the courtroom as the trial began on Monday at the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona. The defendants were the former head of the Zurich Hells Angels motorcycle club and three other members.
Three of the defendants are accused of harvesting and selling some of a crop of several hundred kilograms of cannabis in the Aarberg region of canton Bern. Most of the crop went unsold and rotted as it was stored incorrectly.
Two are accused of having planned the kidnap of a man to extort information from him about the theft of motorbikes from a Hells Angel club member. They are also charged with planning to rob a security van in Zurich in 2003.
The former head of the Zurich chapter is accused of attempting to blackmail several Zurich brothels for around SFr500,000 ($560,000) for providing security services.
Prosecutors originally tried to show that the Hells Angels were a criminal organisation but failed. and agencies

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