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11/11/11 FREE EATS ! (non moto)

FREE  EATS !    On Friday November 11th, U.S. Veterans Day,  All Applebee's Restaurants will be serving free meals to Veterans and Active Duty Military from their select menu.  Go to any Applebee's during regular business hours,  bring :  A US Uniformed Services ID Card,  a US Uniformed Services Retired ID Card,    a current Leave or Earnings Statement,  a Veterans Organization ID Card,  a picture of you in uniform,  a Citation or Commendation,   or a DD 214  to qualify for your "Thank You" meal.  need more info ?  check on a computer or call a local Applebee's.

There's no such thing as a free lunch.
But if you are, or were, in the US military you can eat a free entree.
November 11, 2011, during regular business hours.

It's part of an ongoing "thank you" movement. 

Drinks and tip not included, and entrees from only a certain part of the menu, but hey, it's a great idea. Quite the opposite of being called potential terrorists by the administration.

Look for the fine print, so you know what document to bring proving you deserve the thank you.

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