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American Chopper Live Build-Off Between Jesse James, Paul Senior And Paul Junior. Who Should Win?

by Cyril Huze

In advance of the 2-day TV event (Episode “Chopper Finale” December 5 at 9 pm when the 3 customs will be revealed, Episode “Chopper Live” December 6 at 9 pm to vote and see the winner), the Discovery Channel wants to know who SHOULD win this 3-way build-off.
My opinion, and yours that I know via your former comments, is that Jesse James WILL and SHOULD win. But it’s only the opinion of the true custom motorcycle industry, individuals and professionals reading me, but not necessarily the opinion of the TV public at large, not necessarily bikers, addicted during years to the duels between Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. Want a proof of what I just wrote?
The Discovery Channel, right now, let you vote on their website by a simple click on “who you would like to win”, and shows you at the same time the current result of this on-going poll. Surprise, at the time I upload this post: 1% favor Senior, 61% Senior and 38% Jesse James. Really? Only 38% want Jesse James to win? I don’t know, but I would be you I would make a short digital trip to American Chopper Live- The Build-Off to express my voice/opinion. Just let see how you & me together can influence a custom motorcycle poll.

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