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AUSTRALIA - Bikie sues lawyer for defamation

THE Geelong secretary of the Bandidos bikies is suing author and disgraced lawyer Andrew Fraser and his publisher for defamation, claiming he comes across as a violent and menacing person in Fraser's latest book.
Kim Sloan claimed in court documents that a passage depicting him threatening to kill a crooked cop was defamatory.
Mr Sloan's lawyer, Jim Rutherford of Harwood Andrews Lawyers, said his client denied making the alleged death threat.
"He is very upset by it," Mr Rutherford said.
"He has instructed me that the events never happened as depicted in the book."
The controversial book states Mr Sloan threatened to kill the policeman in front of his family.

The court documents, filed earlier this week in the Geelong County Court, state the policeman was in custody awaiting trial for criminal offences at the time.
Fraser's book, Snouts in the Trough, tells the story of the disgraced former detective who was jailed for corrupt activities, including drug offences.
Prior to that, the detective was a part of police raids in 1999 that saw Fraser serve five years in jail after being convicted of importation of a commercial quantity of cocaine.
Mr Sloan was convicted of drug trafficking in 2001 and sentenced to more than four years' jail, but after five months he was released and his conviction quashed.
In 2006, Mr Sloan reached a confidential settlement with Victoria Police, after bringing a civil action alleging he was set up during the drug raid and wrongfully jailed.
The book, which makes extensive allegations of police corruption and involvement in the drug trade, was published late last year and repackaged after hitting legal hurdles for allegedly breaching suppression orders in Victoria.
Mr Sloan is seeking an unspecified amount of damages from Fraser and publisher Hardie Grant Books for injury to his reputation and feelings.
Fraser was unaware of the legal action until contacted by the Geelong Advertiser and declined to comment.
A spokesperson for Hardie Grant Books was not available........

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