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Australia - Hells Angels, Nomads gangs to blame for shootings

Scene of the shooting in Hammers Rd, Northmead. PICTURE: BILL HEARNE

Steven Deare
Scene of the shooting in Hammers Rd, Northmead. PICTURE: BILL HEARNE
A SERIES of shootings around Parramatta are not a continuation of the recent Merrylands violence but a new dispute between motorcycle gangs, according to police.
Houses in Ermington and Northmead joined the Ibrahim family home in Merrylands in being sprayed with bullets in the last six days, after similar-style shootings one week earlier.
No-one was injured in the attacks on the properties in Stevens St, Ermington, Hammers Rd, Northmead, and the corner of Holdsworth and Price streets, Merrylands.
Police believe the shots fired at the Northmead townhouse were a case of mistaken identity, while the occupier of the Ermington property had links to a bikie group, police said.
NSW Police’s Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad commander Deb Wallace told The Advertiser these shootings were unrelated to the Merrylands ones. “These are separate incidents, based on different motives,” she said.
“These ones do have links to outlaw motorcycle groups, which are the Hells Angels and the Nomads.
“It appears to be a dispute between two specific groups within the bigger groups, hence the localised nature of the shootings.”
Commander Wallace said while the attacks seemed designed to intimidate rather than kill, she was unsure of what the perpetrators wanted.
“Sometimes these disputes can be territory, a slight against each other, family matters.
“I don’t know what the statement is, but it’s causing great concern to the community.”
The Hells Angels and Nomads groups are not co-operating much with police, she said.
Police are still calling for members of the public who know the attackers to contact them before innocent people are hurt.
Commander Wallace said police were still investigating the Merrylands shootings, which occurred in August, but believed proactive efforts had stopped the violence.

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