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AUSTRALIA - Tough policing pays off

POLICE admit they should have "got in the face" of Tony Mokbel and Carl Williams sooner than they did.
But it won't happen with outlaw bikie gangs and the emerging Mr Bigs of the drug trade. Police say they have learnt from their mistakes in not putting major criminals such as Mokbel and Williams under more intense surveillance.
As revealed in Herald Sun Insight editor Keith Moor's exclusive report today, police are already seeing the success of their new approach. New technology is being used to track bikie gangs and criminals intent on taking over drug distribution after the jailing of Mokbel and Williams.
Police have already been successful in seizing weapons, including semi-automatic pistols and a sub-machinegun, from bikie gangs.
They have been unrelenting in chasing down gang members for even minor offences, which has led to nearly $1 million being paid in fines.
for following a new strategy of disrupting criminal activities and seizing the proceeds of crime before criminals become organised and a greater danger to the community.

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