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Canada - Top Hells leader arrested after evading police


MONTREAL -A key player in Quebec's bloody biker war was arrested Wednesday after two-and-a- half years on the lam.
Steve Duquette, 45, was a top lieutenant in the power ful Sherbrooke, Que. , chapter of the Hells Angels.
The group plotted the deaths of rival Rock Machine bikers in a conflict that saw more than 100 people, including bystanders, killed in the 1990s and early 2000s.
Duquette did not resist when he was picked up Wednesday evening near Olympic Stadium in Montreal on a Canada-wide warrant.
He had gone into hiding following Project Sharqc, an April 2009 roundup that decimated the Hells Angels in eastern Canada.
Duquette is to appear in court Thursday on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, gangsterism, drug trafficking and conspiracy to traffic.
He has been a full-patch member of the Hells' Sherbrooke chapter since the late 1990s.
Duquette and other Sherbrooke gang members are expected to be the first bikers to be tried en masse at a specially built courthouse in north-end Montreal.
Fifteen other Hells Angels are still on the loose. Some are reportedly hiding in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

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