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IN MY OPINION: By Roadblock 1%er

The biggest danger facing motorcycle clubs today isn't conflict with other clubs as law enforcement and the media claim.  Not even close!  It is a "tyrannical government" willing to selectively profile, criminalize and prosecute membership in a motorcycle club instead of individual criminal behavior. 
Profiling a specific group of individuals is a crime in and of itself. Furthermore, denying these individuals the protections given others is a violation of basic human rights and Constitutional law.
Defending our clubs against this criminal threat requires using a weapon equal to that being used against us --  "THE LEGAL SYSTEM"!

The laws of our countries are a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. Government agencies, law enforcement, and overzealous prosecutors are not exempt from the blade.
Government and law enforcement agencies are making a concerted effort to classify all motorcycle club members, and anyone who may associate with them, as criminals. Guilty or not, the government intends to prosecute theses targeted individuals no matter what it takes.
No one can deny that some motorcycle club members violate the law.  However, it's a fact that ANY organization has individual members who commit criminal acts.   Members of government and law enforcement agencies, and individual lawmakers themselves are routinely convicted for criminal conduct.  

The agencies profiling motorcycle club members are being assisted by the media, who sensationalize biker news and reports to gain lucrative headlines.   Via TV, newspapers and the internet, Society is bombarded 24/7 with motorcycle clubs labeled as gangs, and members and associates always portrayed as dangerous, violent criminals.
How can this happen when the majority of club members are hard-working tax-paying members of their communities and have never been convicted of a crime?
With this constant media barrage, society and potential jurors are conditioned to believe that you are guilty before the trial ever starts.  With the constitutional guarantee of a presumption of innocence replaced by a presumption of guilt, even if you are innocent, getting a fair trial is impossible.
Furthermore, the law enforcement agents' and prosecutor's questionable tactics almost guarantee a conviction.  The combination of these factors make it easy to see why there is a 98+% conviction rate in cases involving motorcycle clubs and so-called associates.  

We have to use the system to stop the out- of- control government agents who think the rule-of-law doesn't apply to them.  The only rule they follow is "there are no rules."
In books and interviews they boast there is nothing they won't do to maintain their cover and make a case.  In recent cases,  evidence has been presented that undercover agents repeatedly violate the law to make cases.  They conspired among themselves, with paid informants and known criminals in an effort to get club members to violate the law.  They incited violence (murder and attempted murder) and incited others to commit criminal acts to ensure convictions.

Law enforcement agents do not have immunity to violate the law in an effort to make a case. When they do they step over the line and become the criminal The US Supreme Court has ruled inciting criminal activity is a felony.

At grand juries and trials unscrupulous prosecutors routinely lead law enforcement and other witnesses to give evidence they know to be false to get a criminal indictment. After all, trial juries don't have access to the secret grand-jury testimony.  Knowingly presenting perjured testimony,  misleading the Court, and Obstruction of Justice are all criminal acts.

This "pattern of criminal conduct" by government agents and prosecutors is widespread, and a gross violation of basic human rights.   Properly used, however, this evidence of wrongdoing can educate a jury and change the outcome at trial. These issues and unlawful activities have to be challenged in a court prior to trial, or innocent club members will be convicted.

The government is now using these tactics against over 300 motorcycle clubs that they classify as criminal organizations. I salute those who are defending their clubs against this  fraudulent classification.
I wonder what the deal is with those who don't fight for their club. Are they afraid because they think the government will retaliate against them?  They are already doing everything they can to take your freedom and destroy your club. What more can they do?

Belonging to a motorcycle club is not a crime!  More and more Clubs around the world are using the courts to challenge the government's bogus claims, criminal conduct and refusal to treat MC members as "individuals".
 And, they are winning.

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