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New California Law - and one old one

It doesn't really help, technically, if we just post the new law. The new rule restricts a Citizen's activity if that Citizen doesn't know his protection in law; defense and offense. We could be conditioning others to see defeat when victory is right in our laps. 

I sent Keith an email asking him to please post the reason the new law is nothing to worry about. It allows some of us an opportunity to show cops to screw with us is an unpleasant and undesirable choice.

California has existing law that exempts any vehicle that was manufactured before the new law takes effect.  If we get stopped we get to show the LEO it is a futile and dangerous act; the attempt to entangle a BOLT member in an enforcement procedure of a law. Where is the probable cause for the ticket? See for yourself:

CA Vehicle Code section 26102      
In the event any equipment in actual use meets the requirements of this code or a department regulation adopted pursuant to this code, a subsequent regulation shall not require the replacement of the equipment and shall be applicable only to equipment installed after the effective date of the regulation.  
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
>end of code section<
So, just like the blue dots on brake lights, stop lights or rear turn signals, yup, illegal unless the equipment was on a vehicle manufactured before the law took effect.
My axle mount plate bracket on the Springer displays the plate horizontally.
I'm almost considering getting a vertical plate mount just to see if I can get a ticket.

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