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POCKET ATTY. - A Lawyer in your Pocket..

About this App

A Lawyer in your Pocket

This new revolutionary Application gives you a Lawyer In Your Pocket!!!
  • Have you or a loved one been arrested?
  • Stopped for DUI or DWI?
  • Considering Filing Bankruptcy or Debt relief?
  • Hurt in an accident or slip and fall, Fender Bender?
  • Divorce or child support Problems?
  • Business Dispute?
  • Lost your job?
  • Planning for your childrens future? Will or Living Trust?
Do not waste your time looking through the yellow pages or Internet looking for the right attorney that handles ONLY your type of case.
Pocket Attorney App, put your Criminal Defense, Family, Business, Employment, Estate and Personal Injury Lawyers in your POCKET!!!
If you have a simple question, use Pocket Attorney App to discuss it with a local attorney that handles cases in your area on need.
If you already know you need a lawyer, but haven’t retained one yet, CONTACT US!!!! We have pre-screened, pre-qualified attorneys that practice particular areas of law.
This is NOT a referral service selling advertising positions to any attorney that pays.

Pocket Attorney App Features

  • Lawyer in your Pocket at all times
  • Attorneys who specialize in the specific area of law you need
  • Owned and Operated by Attorneys with over 15 years of experience
  • Panel of Attorneys ready and on call to answer any legal questions
  • Not a referral service, each Attorney is Pre-Screened and Pre-Qualified
  • Law Firm on retainer without expensive costs of monthly retainer
Don’t waste your time looking for answers on the web “Pocket Attorney App” will do the work for you and contact you with an answer.
We look for quality attorneys that we would hire ourselves. Our panel of attorneys makes sure that our attorneys provide services we would recommend to our own family and friends.
Pocket Attorney App is OWNED and OPERATED by attorneys with over 15 years in private practice so we understand what clients need and want in their attorney.
You will have a team of attorneys ready and on call to answer any legal questions you may have. This Application gives you a Law firm on retainer without the expensive costs of a monthly retainer.
Pocket Attorney App is also like having a lawyer in the family.
Don’t waste your time looking for answers on web sites or Applications that give you information which you must look through. Have your attorneys here at Pocket Attorney App do the work and contact you directly with the answer.
Download the Application and try your best to select the category by choosing the area of law shown. Once your question is sent, it will go to our panel of attorneys that will determine what kind of attorney you will need to answer your question. An attorney licensed to practice law and that handles matters in your area of need will then contact you with a response within two business days.
There will be no need to even look through the yellow pages or internet to hopefully find the right lawyer you need.
You may be contacted by our managing partners located in California to determine your satisfaction with the Application and the service you were provided.

Easy 5 Step Process to get the legal answers you need

Step 1

Download “Pocket Attorney App” on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

Step 2

Accept the disclaimer.

Step 3

Select the category of law you have a question in.

Step 4

Enter your contact information and ask your questions.

Step 5

Hit “Submit”
You will then get a call with answers from one of our Pre-Qualified Attorneys.

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