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Priscylla Starr

 Hello, I am Priscylla Starr
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lbs.
Brown eyes and long brown hair...
Ethnic background: Brazilian hottie
Hometown: Boston, MA
Favorite color: Green
Nickname: Supershag
Favorite drink: Greatful dead
Affiliation: Playboy Miss Social Sept.
go like my fan page on facebook:!/pages/Priscylla-Starr-Fan-Page/108818869222431

A little about my favorite hobby:
I am fascinated with pole dancing at the moment.Pole dancing gives me freedom. When most aspects of society have very strict rules, pole dancing is free and creative. It gives me permission to be strong and sexy at the same time, without judgment. It gives me the opportunity to bring out my naughty side, to experiment, to think of possibilities. It gives me the opportunity to play.

Current contest: ending Nov. 11, 2011 (please go and vote for me)

I can't exactly put my finger on why I love makeup so much, it's fun, addictive, pretty and it can improve your mood. I just cannot resist a sparkly eyeshadow, gorgeous lipstick, or soft fluffy brush.
The thought of getting up in the morning and heading out to work is definatly not something i look forward too- However i do love changing up the products, colors and eye looks that I wear on an almost daily basis.Even getting ready for a simple dinner or a night out on the weekends gets me excited.It's all about the process. I love makeup!
Get me to the top, so i can represent Massachusetts. I am really close to my goal. it only takes a second to vote. I really want this, please vote. xoxoxox

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