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U.S.A. - "VIPR" Stands for "Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response" . . .

"VIPR" Stands for "Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response" . . .
. . . and it's sinking its fangs into Americans' civil liberties.
Here's a story about a "VIPR" team performing a "sting" operation on innocent Americans at a bus terminal in Florida, searching their persons and bags and discovering their petty crimes.
It's almost a certainty that whoever named this sub-unit of the Department of Homeland Security thought it was a clever way to convey machismo and give a sense of mission to members of VIPR teams. But it also illustrates how the 9/11 terrorist attacks have caused the United States to lose its grip and behave like a cornered snake rather than a strong, free country.
The natural illogic of VIPR stings is that terrorism can strike anywhere, so VIPR teams should search anywhere. It's the undoing of the Fourth Amendment, and it's unwarranted counterterrorism because it expends resources on things that won't catch or deter terrorists. Indeed, VIPR "stings" may encourage terrorism because they show that terrorism successfully undermines the American way of life.

Not so proud to be an American these days.  These violations are bullshit.  Since when did we "Americans" become such spineless wimps to tolerate these violations?  When will we wake up and smell the tyranny?  Whether you pick the "right" plantation or the "left" plantation - they are both plantations!
I'm rooting for Ron Paul - but if he gets elected, I predict he'll be assassinated.  Big shit is about to happen.  I live by Nellis Airforce Base.  As I type these words I can hear what I used to call "the sound of freedom."  With over 5000 military killed since 9/11, I now call it the sound of death and tyranny.  The only sound of freedom left is our loud pipes.  And there are elements out there to extinguish our freedom.

From, Mike
I'm not sure that the TSA VIPR requires probable cause.  I know that the loud pipes issue is spreading around the country. My question is whether or not the Feds will need to be named seperately or included in a State or Federal court.
Lily Gonzalez, Las Vegas, NV

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