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West Covina police cars, uniforms used in viral video spoofing police harassment

Two department employees under investigation
Save Miranda!
WEST COVINA - Two Police Department employees who used patrol cars and police uniforms in the making of a viral video are the subject of an internal investigation, city officials said Thursday.
The YouTube video depicts five supposed police officers harassing a motorist at gunpoint for fun and then wildly firing their guns in the air.
"Taxpayer funded property was used in that video without our approval or authorization," City Councilman Mike Touhey said. "We wouldn't approve such an asinine use or joke."
In an apparent attempt to poke fun at police harassment, the video shows an unsuspecting motorist being pulled over by two West Covina police cars.
Five men dressed in police uniforms -- most wearing West Covina police garb -- pile out of the cars and shove guns in the motorist's face.
"Where's the little girl, where is she," the supposed officers repeatedly yell at the befuddled motorist until he breaks down.
After the motorist starts sobbing, one of the supposed officers steps forward, points at the man and says: "there's the little girl."
With that remark, all five of the supposed officers start laughing and high-fiving each other.
The supposed officers then hop back in their West Covina squad cars and fire their guns in the air as they speed off.
Actual ammunition may have been fired in creating the video, retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy and Councilman-elect Fred Sykes said.
"The guns

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