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Babe of the Week, Candy .. known name MuscleBella.

I am a 40 year old Italian Fitness Model, that goes by the name Muscle Bella  I was born and raised here in the south. (yes I am a Southern Bell.) At the age of 33 I step foot into a gym ready to start my journey into the fitness world. I didn't have a clue what I was doing or how to get there but I had goals I had set and I felt that was all I needed. after two years of training 6 days a week I noticed my body had gone though a lot of changes. I had toned up a lot and starting looking younger and feeling better, at that point on, I was hooked. I got with a trainer and started weight training even harder. One thing I learned though this is you become so mentally strong that you can achieved anything you set your mind to. after about my third year into training I got ask to shoot with a photographer that was very well known in the fitness industry. I was so excited he wanted to shoot with me. after doing the shoot and appearing on a few female muscle and fitness websites I decided to start my own. My website has been up for a year now and doing well. I have also done some modeling for a few fitness clothed line and I have posed for a football journal mag and a online health and fitness magazine. I also have my own bodybuilding forum site that is growing very fast.  I can honestly say that fitness /bodybuilding is my passion. I hope some day I can stand next to some of the best female fitness/ figure competitors on stage and compete.
please learn more about me by visting my website at  or "like" my fan page Musclebella or follow me on twitter as Musclebella. I also have a 2012 Calendar coming out in 4 weeks. you can email me at for details on how to get your signed copy before they are all gone!
can you handle a whole year with me?

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