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Texas and the Boozefighters!

BY: Lisa Petrocelli
The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club Chapter 69  hosts the annual National Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas every year, with attendees from Boozefighters chapters all over the world traveling to the Lone Star State to reunite with their brothers.  For one weekend in Ft. Worth every Fall, the Boozefighters dominate the town, occupying several area hotels, attending meetings at the  convention hotel headquarters, and congregating at the national clubhouse on Bessie Street.  There is nothing quite like seeing hundreds of Boozefighters (and Boozettes) in a sea of green and white colors all in one place, celebrating what looks to the average observer as a huge family reunion.  That is exactly what it felt like when I arrived with my friend, and met up with some of the people I met two years ago when I attended for the first time in 2009.  After our initial hugs and kisses, we wandered from table to table to check out all the BFMC merchandise available for purchase.  There are items sold at this convention that are not seen anywhere else, so it’s a good opportunity to find something unique.
I was fortunate to meet Jabooze from Italy Chapter 92  for the second time, author Bill Hayes (Chapter 101) who wrote the book about the Boozefighters (“The Original Wild Ones..”), and many, many other members from chapters all over the world.  I brought my cousin who lives in Dallas, with me to the clubhouse, and she had a great time meeting everyone and tasting some apple pie and jello shots!  Of course we met up with our friends from Chapters 60, 61, and 80, and said goodbye around 10:00 PM, driving back to the motel in the little car we rented.  Incidentally, driving in Texas is treacherous, freeways everywhere, and I amaze myself everytime I get through it!  We were lucky enough to travel back to Albany with the Boozefighters, which was a treat!
If there happens to be a trip to Texas on your agenda in the future, be sure to visit Strokers in Dallas, and definitely check out Ft. Worth in October and visit the Stockyards – you’re sure to run into a few Boozefighters with their steel horses, mingling with the cowboys riding their real horses.

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