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CALIFORNIA - ATK to Take Part in 28th Annual Love Ride

ATK to Take Part in 28th Annual Love Ride

 Courtesy of ATK Motorcycles Monday, October 17, 2011

Frank 'Cannonball' White, CEO of ATK Motorcycles, will be on hand promoting the 28th annual Love Ride this weekend. This year, funds raised by the Love Ride will benefit Autism Speaks, an organization whose causes White can associate with being the proud father of an autistic boy. This year is the 28th annual Love Ride, a benefit run which will foster Autism Awareness and benefit Autism Speaks. Autism currently affects one in 77 Boys. ATK Motorcycle’s CEO Frank White has one of those special autistic boys who also loves motorcycles.
Come join Frank, his son Jeff, Jay Leno, Peter Fonda and many others by riding in this charity event on Sunday, October 23, 2011.
“One of my colleagues at ATK has two autistic sons. Blessings come from having autistic children, and so do many challenges. Financial contributions from charity events such as the Love Ride could make life better for the families who have a child with autism. ATK and my family are grateful that Oliver, Leno, Fonda and Glendale Harley promote these charity rides every year”, said Frank White.
Come see Frank, Jeff and others in the ATK Motorcycle tent at the Love Ride.
For more information on the Love Ride Click:

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