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Montana - Flathead motorcycle gang head facing charges

BY: Katy Harris
COLUMBIA FALLS- The president of the Flathead Valley chapter of the Brothers Speed motorcycle gang was arrested on two felony and four misdemeanor charges at his home in Columbia Falls on Tuesday night.
Joby Bealmer, 34, was allegedly firing gun shots into the woods behind his home. When the Flathead County Sheriff's Department showed up at Bealmer's house, he was seen leaving in his pick-up truck.
He was stopped by authorities and became aggressive and was charged with two felony counts of Intimidation and Making Threats.
Bealmer was also charged with misdemeanors of Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Dangerous Drugs and Driving Under the Influence as a result of the incident.
"Mr. Bealmer was not cooperative with the Deputies on the scene. They did have to use some force to take him into custody. He was very much in their face and intimidating and threatening to them," Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said on Wednesday.
Bealmer told authorities he was walking to his home and saw a light turn off inside and heard the back door shut. He said that's when he went to his pickup truck, grabbed his gun and began firing rounds.
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