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More Hells Angels Bad News

What is moving about the bizarre concatenation of bad news that has beset the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is that all of this could happen to anybody. The latest scenes in this continuing drama gave the bubble headed bleached blondes who bring the world Tha Newz an opportunity to shout the club’s name twice last night.


The first headline was that San Jose Angel Steve Ruiz is still missing. Ruiz has been named by police as the mourner who shot Santa Cruz Angel Steve Tausan last week at the funeral for San Jose Angel Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew.
Police, who continue to imply that they only want to save from Ruiz from unnamed assassins before they arrest him for murder, got “a tip” that the missing man was holed up in a house on the 3700 block of McDougald Boulevard in Stockton, California. Militarized police surrounded the home, evacuated neighbors and ordered Ruiz to come out. There may have been someone in the house. Who that was was not important enough to make Tha Newz.
Police eventually moved multiple armored cars to the scene, fired their flash bangs and tear gas and stormed the home about 8 p.m. Saturday night. It was compelling television. Ruiz was not there. The judge who authorized this commando strike remains anonymous.

Road Rage

As the Swat raid was unfolding in Stockton, the 580 Freeway in San Leandro, 30 miles to the west, was a traffic nightmare for tens of thousands of motorists. The 580 connects the major north-south Freeway in California, the 5 Freeway, with the East Bay. The freeway was closed for ten hours.
There, about 4 p.m. Saturday, an East Bay Paratransit driver named Eddie Hall got into an argument with an unidentified man riding with a small pack of Angels and deliberately ran over him and his motorcycle. East Bay Paratransit is a public transportation system for handicapped citizens who cannot use regular public transit. The small bus was empty at the time of the incident. Hall told the California Highway Patrol that he believed the biker was a member of the Hells Angels.
The unidentified biker and his motorcycle were trapped under the front of the bus until eventually the biker rolled loose. He was transported to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley where he was pronounced dead.
Hall tried to escape in the bus dragging the motorcycle. After a couple minutes he pulled over and fled on foot. He was apprehended and charged with suspicion of hit and run. The San Francisco Chronicle quoted San Leandro Police Sergeant Doug Calcagno as saying, “We are unsure what caused this. (We are) attempting to determine if this collision was an intentional act or a accident.”

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