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Shreveport, LA - State Fair of Louisiana will not discriminate against bikers...

The Boardwalk has a dress code that does not allow biker attire

BY: Mary Baker
The Boardwalk has a dress code that does not allow biker attire
Credits:  Mary Baker

One thing is certain, when many people see bikers with long hair and beards, dressed in chaps and leathers, they are often intimidated and stereotype them into a category of thugs, ne'er do wells, and even a part of gang activity.  But, in reality, bikers everywhere contribute to charity in a way that not many other segments of the population do.  They participate in toy runs, like the annual Toys for Tots that will be held in Shreveport today.  They rally behind the children forming organizations like BACA to protect them.  They contribute to charities like the Sutton Children's Hospital, the Burn Camp, and more.  And, they definitely make an impact on the local community, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at local establishments including restaurants, theaters, bars, parks, and small businesses.  That is why it is disheartening to hear of discrimination based solely on appearance.
The State Fair of Louisiana, for a minute, mind you, adapted the discriminatory position toward bikers by posting signs that would not allow them to attend the fair in their traditional biker gear, some of which is protective gear.  Yesterday Facebook exploded with messages like this:

"ALERT/INFO: The State Fair of La. has adopted the La. Boardwalk policy::
NO COLORS,,, Signs are now being posted at all gates. NO BIKER COLORS of ANY KIND. Please pass this on to ALL BIKER friends and family. Once again!!! MC's are being Discriminated against. To Complain:::: Call Chris (Director of State Fair of La.) at 318-635-1361. Let Your VOICES be heard...... repost!!! Don't support the fair..."

"Its freaking ridiculous how they want to affiliate all bikers whether they have colors or not with gang bangers! After all the bikers do for charity that others don't and that's including the police!"
"I wouldn`t go spend a nickel with anybody that didn`t want me there! They can kiss me right below my bottom rocker!!!!"
"we are looked at the same as gangs. Most people don't really know what we do for the community, how much money we raise for charity. It's a fear thing, people fear what they don't understand."
You can imagine that bikers, their friends and family were livid.  They began to complain about the discrimination with phone calls to the Director of the State Fair, and his offices.  The result: Before the end of the day, this message by the representative for Independent Riders, Northwest Louisiana, was posted on Facebook:
"UPDATE...UPDATE...UPDATE... WE HAVE WON !!!!! Just received a call... and the State Fair of Louisiana has now changed their policy. THE SIGNS HAVE BEEN REMOVED AND ALL BIKERS ARE WELCOME AT THE FAIR !!!!!! Never, never, NEVER underestimate the power of a close knit FAMILY !!! Thanks to all who made calls and helped !!!"
This is only one small victory for the biker community.  We still have the prohibitions at the Louisiana Boardwalk and we have the negative image that so many of our neighbors have of us. Continuing to proudly wear our colors and gear while participating in charitable events is one way we can change this image.  And, sticking together as a family, and standing up for our rights as we saw in the State Fair instance, is another.  I'm proud to be a member of the motorcycle community in Shreveport.
Contact Mary at and be sure to visit my website at Pinky's Motorcycle Passion for rides and information about motorcycling in the Shreveport area and beyond. 
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